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Simple Tax Services provides you with a professional tax service that is convenient and always available to you. We have been preparing taxes for over 19 years as a certified agent and e-file provider through the IRS. Let us ease your mind and time by allowing us to be your personal tax service. 

Sure you can prepare your own taxes but many self service programs available over the counter to purchase only asks the most common questions. You run the risk of losing out on credits and deductions you may qualify for if you don't know how to apply for them. At Simple Tax we want you to get all your credits and deductions = more money for you!
Call us at (480) 750-9398 or email us at Info@SimpleTaxIn

Your time is valuable and limited. Who has time to sit in an office and wait to be served? And finally...once the other guys get to you they simply want to get you in and out so they can quickly move on to the next client. Not At Simple Tax. Your preparer takes the time for YOU, to make sure that your taxes are done right and you get your maximum return!

We can come to you or setup an appointment and sit down with you. We can come to your job and complete taxes while you work. No need to take time out of your busy day or wait until the weekend when you have other obligations that need your attention.
At Simple Tax your tax preparer has over 19 years of experience and is trained professional who excels in the field of tax preparation and has IRS Certification. Ensuring you taxes will be prepared in accordance with the IRS guidelines and policies. Most tax services hire people they train for approximately two months to learn the program they use. You don't want to put your trust in someone who does not fully understand what they are doing do you?

At Simple Tax, your preparer is qualified to make sure your taxes are prepared right. if you're eligible for a refund, we can send your funds directly to your checking account minus our fees. No need for you to pay out your pocket or wait until you can afford to get your taxes prepared. Our fee will be deducted before your funds are deposited into your account. Its safe, easy and no stress or wondering on your part. We are also a member of the BBB. (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ Rating.
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