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ABOUT Digital SEO Inc.

Digital SEO Inc. has been providing integrated digital SEO marketing, 
social media and business branding solutions since 2005. 

We bring cutting-edge thinking, creative execution and professional excellence to every project, 
and invest our full attention to understanding your needs to the fullest. 

We believe digital SEO marketing campaigns need to ignite emotion in order to spark action, 
and that’s why we strive to create and make every campaign completely human, 
regardless of the digital means that we use to promote it. 
Our Digital SEO Strategy
Digital SEO Inc. Affordable and professional Local search, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing and Branding Services. 

Digital SEO provides search engines with what they need in order to Rank Your Business or Organization appropriately in Local Search. We're Digital SEO Specialists.

Established to help small to medium sized businesses and organizations that don't have large budgets for marketing or advertising but still would like to establish their business internet presence with professional and affordable SEO Strategies. 

We are Digital SEO Specialists and Social Media Marketers with collective knowledge and experience that give us a unique advantage in providing professional, affordable local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media and Internet Marketing Services to growing companies and businesses. 

Bottom line: WE GET YOUR BUSINESS FOUND AND CALLED BY NEW CLIENTS. If your business has a limited budget for Internet Marketing and you want to achieve maximum results, Digital SEO Strategies will help your Business or Organization get seen and found. 

Your business or organization will be found on Google+ Local, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and on prominent pages of local search in your city. 

What You Will Get: You will get your specific questions answered.
You will receive consultation on simple not complex, actionable online seo strategies. These online SEO strategies work when implemented as we outline them. You will get what you expect and what you paid for. Try us out and get new customers now.

What You Will NOT Get:
You will not get a sales pitch…nor will you be “sold to.” The majority of our clients call us, not the other way around. And, frankly, mostly everyone can afford us. When you inquire about our services, we will be happy to explain them to you. 

Digital SEO Strategies... We're a Social Media and Internet Marketing company with Affordable website and SEO for small to medium size businesses since 2005 (12 years).


We offer SEO specialist expertise in digital marketing, online marketing, Social Media, Business branding,creatives, public relations and content. Our team is nationally trained and locally based, so you get the very best service at your utmost convenience.
Eric Brown
Marketing Strategy
Operations Manager
Constance Salas
Creative Designer and
Sales Director
Kalimah Brown


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